05 Jul 2018 by Marco Atzori

5 ways to market your print magazine in the digital era

  Since the advent of the digital age, the sales of print magazines have been rapidly declining and due to this, marketing has become a great deal more difficult.

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03 Jul 2018 by Enrica Menozzi

Digital Magazine Creation? Here is how to do it in a traditional newsroom

  Many of the traditional publishers who have been producing paper magazines for decades are now thinking about joining the modern age and creating something to keep up with the competition.

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27 Jun 2018 by Enrica Menozzi

How much does it cost to create a digital magazine?

  There are two types of digital magazines: replica and reflow. Both offer a digital version of your magazine, but they are vastly different in terms of cost and features.

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25 Jun 2018 by Luca Filigheddu

Digital first: what does it mean and where will it take the magazine publisher

  Traditional magazine publishing is characterized by a print-first workflow. 

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22 Jun 2018 by Luca Filigheddu

First time creating a digital magazine? Paperlit supports you at every stage

  Creating a digital magazine is not only a natural way to extend the reach of your publication, but it can also be simple with a partner like Paperlit by your side.

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20 Jun 2018 by Luca Filigheddu

Why digital subscriptions are your new gold mine

Finally, after much anticipation, the time has come; the market has spoken, and the mass publishing industry is back in the green again! Wait, what? But how?

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19 Jun 2018 by Luca Filigheddu

Digitalization of the publishing industry: how to survive and thrive

   We are in an age where technology is overtaking everything, including the publishing industry. 

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14 Jun 2018 by Marco Atzori

You don't have a web magazine? Here are 10 benefits you can get from it

  An online magazine is a powerful resource. Magazine Media Factbook 2016/2017 says that digital magazine readers are mostly “young, upscale, educated, and professional.” 

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11 Jun 2018 by Marco Atzori

Content monetisation opportunities for publishers: paper VS digital

  In the publishing stratosphere, content monetisation opportunities are constantly evolving. 

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07 Jun 2018 by Enrica Menozzi

Get ready for your magazine publication: print, digital or both?

   The world of publishing is moving faster than ever before which is why it pays to put yourself in the mind of your readers. While we all love the feel of print in our hands, is there room for a digital bedfellow in the relationship? Let’s take a look at a few of the options…

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