22 Jun 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

5 innovative things that you can do with a digital magazine

  Digital magazines are a lot more versatile than their print version ancestors, whether it’s from an advertising, convenience or creative standpoint.

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20 Jun 2017 by Luca Filigheddu

Can you lie about digital magazine sales data?

Short answer is: sure. These days you can pretty much lie about anything; even digital magazines sales data. But the real question is: should you, though?

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15 Jun 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

Making money with a blog? 5 tips

  Did you know that blogging is one of the most common ways of making money online? Of course, it takes more than just putting a few paragraphs and publishing it on Wordpress. It takes a bit of work but fortunately, it’s a very scalable way to make money on the internet.

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13 Jun 2017 by Luca Filigheddu

Educational publisher, it's time to earn with digital publications

  Magazine publishers for the education sector cannot be in a more opportunity-rich moment than right now. And yet, many still struggle to grow their revenues. If your magazine is one of those that are either struggling to keep the printers on or grow your stagnating or falling profits, then you have the opportunity to turn things around.

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09 Jun 2017 by Marco Atzori

From print to digital: save money and sell more

The publishing industry has been in a crossroads for quite some time now. The exponential growth of internet access has disrupted many industries and publishing isn’t immune.

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07 Jun 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

The huge growth of digital magazines

If you think about it, the digital publishing industry has only really been around since 2010. But since then, it has seen continued growth.

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11 Apr 2017 by Marco Atzori

The future of digital magazines: continuous publishing

Editions have been the traditional model of publishing since the invention of the printing press: the time when periodicals first took off. However, there can be little doubt in today's publishing world that the market has changed. Not only has there been a shift from traditional printing and distribution to digital formats, but now there is a decreasing reliance on the edition model.

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06 Apr 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

Decreasing the costs of the newsroom in 3 steps

There are basically only two ways to improve profit margins in any business. One is to increase prices, and the other is to decrease costs. In the current economic environment, raising prices is challenging, as even major manufacturers have discovered.

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03 Apr 2017 by Marco Atzori

Alternatives to Adobe DPS for the publishing of digital magazines

If you have been looking for alternatives to Adobe DPS for the publishing of digital magazines, these four alternate programs may be a good fit. They are all professional level platforms with many of the features you may have liked about past Adobe software.

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30 Mar 2017 by Marco Atzori

Advantages of digital magazines vs printed magazines

If you’re a publisher who’s thinking of moving the business to the digital world, then you may find this article useful to finally make up your mind. In the most recent years, the printed magazine has started to decline in popularity and diffusion because of the many advantages of digital magazines.

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