14 Mar 2012 by Paperlit

A Decade of Change in 2 Years Time!

It seems like 10 years ago since the iPad was launched and there was only mobile/tablet platform available to publish on. With Android, Facebook and very soon other platforms such as Windows Mobile, the digital publishing sector has become much richer and more challenging to manage.

Our publishing partners that started from day 1 are now in phase II of their activity and certainly have an advantage on the competition.


In fact, we have many success stories where certain publishers are starting to see their digital revenue shift rapidly from alternate revenue to mainstream  and by mainstream revenue we mean 2 things;


1) You can't live without it
2) Physical distribution is just one of the main distribution channels.


We believe 2012 will be the Eureka year for many more of our partners and we believe that the next 24 months will see a drastic increase in the importance of digital advertising dollars. The launch of our social reading product is focused on helping our partners leverage this opportunity by making their publications as ubiquitous and easy to reach as possible. Facebook Credits and the Open Graph system open up a whole new world of opportunities for both in depth analysis of usage,  micro payment for premium content and viral marketing, where friends can tell all their friends about the availablity of a publicaiton or an article by simply opting in to Open Graph data posting on their reading activity.


Please check out a video we just made , presenting our Social Reading product which shows how we are attempting to make entry into the Facebook social publishing world as easy as possible.


A new partner of ours, Il Fatto Quotidiano,  is surely convinced of the power of this new opportunity


Il Fatto Quotidiano made a strong jump into the digital publishing world this month by launching iOSAndroid and Facebook simultaneously  Il Fatto Quotidiano is now offering their products as single issue, subscription and via single sign on. They have chosen to offer text extraction as well on all platforms.


Il Fatto Quotidiano is the only major Italian newspaper that does not accept government support and this may be one reason why they are one of the first dailies in Italy to have such an all encompassing and forward looking strategy. We are happy to have them on board and love their courage to innovate and try all digital platforms possible.


If you happen to be in New York City next week, please do come and see us at Publishing Exec from March 19-21, where we will be with our exclusive North American partners, Aysling Digital Media Solutions (booth 506).


On Tuesday, March 20, we will be giving a talk about the differences we see between the European and American digital publishing markets.


Look forward to seeing you there!

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