30 Dec 2016 by Luca Filigheddu

A look back at 2016: what Paperlit achieved


The end of the year is usually the best time to look back at what you achieved during the past 12 months, see how things went for the company and get ready for the upcoming one.

It was a very busy and important year for us and for me in particular, since it was my first year as Paperlit CEO and we had very challenging plans for the company and for our offering.

Let’s go straight to the point, what did we achieve? Here is a quick summary:

  • We launched 55 (fifty-five) new features on our DIY platform for publishers, the most prolific year to date
  • We made our platform fully do-it-yourself, so anyone can sign up and try it out before subscribing. A platform that fits very well with the needs and pocket of big publishers as well as very small ones
  • We acquired over 50 new customers in the digital publishing space, with a peek in the second half, highlighting a strong correlation between growth rate of our customer base and the level of innovation introduced
  • We expanded our footprint globally and we now have customers in 23 countries, with a special focus on the UK market
  • We acquired a small company at the end of 2015 and are planning to acquire additional small companies in our space during the course of 2017
  • We inked some important partnership deals in the UK and in the Balkans, that will help us provide our customers with additional services that are very important for their business
  • We launched the PCPA (Partnership Certified Program for Agencies) and PCPS (Partnership Certified Program for Schools) to give these key players in the publishing and media market the ability to leverage the power of the Paperlit platform, by creating amazing apps and building new business opportunities
  • We consolidated our team which is doing an amazing job for the company
  • We made this blog an invaluable source of information for the industry, to help publishers make better decisions in regards of their digital strategy

New features

One of the main goals for us was the following: providing a state-of-the-art platform for publishers and enterprises to help them distribute and sell their content through compelling native apps and a great user experience on the web.

The team worked hard throughout the year to turn some very cool ideas we had (and feedbacks received from the customers) into reality and now, finally, I can safely say that Paperlit is the most advanced digital publishing platform for media companies and enterprises in the market.

Here are some new features we added during the year:

  • Multiple new beautiful templates
  • HPUB format support (to offer a solid Adobe DPS alternative)
  • Adobe .Folio compatibility update
  • Paperlit Live (to allow “continuous publishing”, something publishers were looking forward to in order to go beyond the regular monthly, weekly or daily publication)
  • PDF library update
  • New Web newsstand
  • Shopify integration to sell digital content online
  • Additional subscriber databases integration such as Cambey & West and Dovetail (to allow publishers integrate and manage their user base easily)
  • Google integration
  • Facebook Ads Install integration
  • Additional SSO services
  • New Ad formats
  • Flurry integration
  • new tool to interact with the content within the PDF reader
  • social sharing
  • additional overlays to add multimedia and HTML5 content on top of the PDF replicas

We also inked a very important reselling deal that allows us providing publishers with a very powerful CMS system to write and manage content for offline and online publications and the activities of the whole team of journalists and editors.

New customers

One of the goals for us by launching a fully do-it-yourself platform was the ability to acquire customers that, in the past, we could have never managed. Small customers have needs that are very different to the big players. Moreover, let’s face that, they have smaller pockets, but this doesn’t mean they can’t get access to the powerful features Paperlit make available for them.

That being said, now our plans start at € 99 / month. Then go up depending on what our customer wants to achieve. Monthly fee, no variable or hidden costs, something our customers love.

It’s a very flexible approach that allow us make our customers happy and feel like it’s a great win-win deal for them. One of the many reasons why over 50 new customers chose us in the past 12 months.

The future

Despite we achieved a lot this year, it’s important to stay focused, never rest and make sure our platform can keep offering new key features aligned to the evolving needs of the market. I already wrote my thoughts about the future of digital publishing and we want to make sure our platform will evolve in the same direction the market is headed to.

Here are a few important functionalities we will be releasing shortly, among the others:

  • Paperlit Live Update: new beautiful templates to provide a much better user-experience and UX to those publishers who want to make the “continuous publishing” approach a key business strategy
  • Wordpress integration: it will allow online publishers to easily create beautiful apps out of their online publications and sell premium content easily
  • E-commerce: next year, we will start offering a turn-key ecommerce platform for publishers who want to promote and sell their content online. This will allow publishers to save up to 40% in app store commissions.

What else? 2017 looks bright for Paperlit and we are definitely committed in helping publishers be successful despite the big changes the publishing industry is undergoing. Stay tuned!

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