11 Dec 2013 by Paperlit

Adobe announces .folio free license for interactive publishing. The Paperlit platform is ready now!

Today, Adobe announced the opening of its proprietary format .folio for which it will provide technical specifications to support this technology. Paperlit is already compliant with .folio files and this announcement will make our efforts to support such format even easier than before.

This is a great news for the publishing industry as publishers need to have as many format and marketing options as possible in order to grasp the new digital distribution and monetization opportunities.

adobe announcement

During our development roadmap meetings we decided .folio was one of the formats we needed to support. At the time, the decision was based on our philosophy that a publisher needs the freedom to decide what source files she wants to use and the platform needs to support it. We published our first fully functional .folio which supports interactive app on iOS, Android and Windows 8 in April 2013.

Since then we have supported many publishers all over the worldWe thought it was important to offer freedom to our partners as one of our core values was offering a platform that is "future proof" and "tech safe".

At Paperlit we understood that Adobe was setting the standard for interactive publishing with .folio and then we focused our development efforts in helping some of our publishing partners go interactive,both magazines and newspapers, with innovative multi-platform and multi-format experiments.

Take a look at You Tech Magazine, an example of a .folio implementation with Paperlit on iOS, Android and Windows 8.



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