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Say hello to the new Paperlit!

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Paperlit is ready for Android 5 Lollipop

Vanity Fair Italia launches its Windows Phone 8 app

Opera News: the most popular classical-music magazine goes mobile!

Opera News: the most popular classical-music magazine goes digital

World cup full digital coverage with La Gazzetta dello Sport

Paperlit launches support for Windows Phone 8

Sunday World releases its hybrid app

RCS launches Gazzetta Gold with Paperlit

Rizzoli-Corriere della Sera launches new app for La Gazzetta with Paperlit

Paperlit strengthens distribution with new partnerships in the USA and Italy

Meet the founder of Paperlit on March 22 in Cesena!

Digital Replica vs physical magazines: results 2013

Paperlit Strengthens Newspaper App Product Offering

Adobe announces .folio free license for interactive publishing. The Paperlit platform is ready now!

Tribuna do Norte in Brazil launches daily edition with Paperlit

Publishers: the digital mobile revolution is here and now and you don't have to be a super hero to win!

Publishers: the mobile revolution is here and you don't have to be a superhero to win!

Hearst Russia launches Антенна - Телесемь with Paperlit

Il Foglio adds a new Android version to its digital products

Civiltà Cattolica may be the oldest magazine in Italy but also one of the most innovative!

Arteviva goes live with Paperlit

Mixer adds Android to their digital product offering

Derin Tarih goes live with Paperlit in Turkey

The Democratic Party launches PD live

Paperlit opens up office in Berlin

Gambero Rosso goes live with Paperlit

Condé Nast, Italy continues its mobile strategy with launch of Samsung tablet apps

The Paperlit Interactive Magazine, a milestone in Paperlit’s platform roadmap

Disney Junior USA chooses Paperlit

Paperlit brings .folio files to all platforms

Civiltà Cattolica goes multi-platform with Paperlit

Harvard Business Review Chooses Paperlit

Finegil Group launches on BB 10 with Paperlit

Class Editori launches MF Milano Finanza and ItaliaOggi on Android

Posta-Fanatik go live with nationwide TV campaign.

Paperlit increases presence in Turkey with Posta-Fanatik launch

DLV Chooses Paperlit for Entry into Mobile Publishing in Germany

Condenast Italy beefs up its digital offering

Yeni Şafak goes live with Paperlit in Turkey

Timing is King

Paperlit launches a new product line: Paperlit Education.

Paperlit Teams up with the Irish Government

Sprea Editori builds 29 Windows 8 Apps with Paperlit

Windows 8 and Paperlit: 50+ Apps ready for launch.

Paperlit full force ahead with Windows 8

Paperlit helping Publishers Navigate Stormy Seas

Turkuvaz beefs up its offering with Paperlit

Balt Mag upgrades to Paperlit

Condenast Italy launches more new apps powered by Paperlit


La Repubblica+ and Wired Italy in the Windows 8 Store from day 1

Paperlit at the Microsoft European BizSpark

Touring Club Italiano partners with National Geographic and goes mobile

Champions on the Field, Champions in the Cloud

Paperlit in Australia with Il Globo, Teacher and S-Press.

Prima Comunicazione goes digital

Juventus: leaders on the field and leaders in the App store!

See you at Publishing Exec in New York

A Decade of Change in 2 Years Time!

Paperlit in Wired!

What do Wired Italy digital and Tic Tac have in common?

Paperlit and Aysling Digital Media Solutions join forces in the USA

AD at the top of the charts in newsstand!


Famiglia Cristiana wishes its readers a Merry Christmas

Il Fatto Quotidiano goes Social with Paperlit

Morning and Evening news: a new way to do it

Publishers on Facebook with Paperlit Social Reader branded app

Let The Family Save Italy!

News about newsstand

Paperlit adds enhanced multi-media tool to the platform

Paperlit in Vienna

Platforma Mediowa Point Group and Paperlit join forces in Poland

Bluefish or Flounder? Monetizing content 360 degrees

Paywalls, Freemium and tracking customer behaviour

Paperlit in sport Arena: Real Madrid, Manchester City and Alinghi get their mobile apps

RCS Periodici increases its reach

Sardegna Quotidiano launches digital version with Paperlit

Il Caffe' increases digital offering

Shalom chooses Paperlit

iPads and Oysters

Emergency magazine chooses Paperlit

Amazingly, time spent on mobile apps has surpassed web browsing


Branded Apps and Boston Bruins

Barche a Motore goes digital

Tempi launches with Paperlit

Mixer Magazine goes digital

Passion, Passion and more Passion

L'Unione Sarda available now on Android

Livein Magazine goes digital

RCS improves Oggi, launched the iPad version

Condenast Italy launches new iPad version of Wired with Paperlit.

The common mobile payment system "mPayment" will be integrated in Paperlit's platform in the Italian market.

Sesaab Editori launches new apps

Internet Hey Days and iPad

When in doubt, KISS!

Corriere delle Comunicazioni is now available on the Android Market

Edizioni Metropolitane expand to Milano

Sprea Editori continues its march with more apps

Editori per la Finanza launches on Android

Tablets start to give PCs, Tvs a headache

Apple-Android: Smartphone market share exploding

The Kennebec Journal launches on iPad

App Journal by Sprea editori launches on iPhone and iPad

Editoriale Duesse continues its digital revolution

Cinque Giorni launches on iPad and iPhone

Borsa & Finanza on iPhone and iPad

Morning Sentinel launches mobile app

Finanza & Mercati hits the iPad and iPhone

Portland Press Herald launches iPad App

The Fort Worth Business Press launches on iPad

Sole 24 Ore Creates digital kiosk with Paperlit

Wired Italy has landed on the iPad with Paperlit

Times Leader goes digital

Editoriale Duesse is on the warpath

Best Movie International: Editoriale Duesse goes English and digital!

Il Tempo hits the Android market

La Gazzetta del Sud goes digital

Glamour España launches its iPad app, powered by Paperlit

San Marino joins the Paperlit family of partners

In this press release, Apple has finally clarified for publishers and content owners, how subscriptions will be handled within the Apple store and all related rules. Read carefully!

Italy's most important financial editorial group, Il Sole 24 Ore, chooses Paperlit for a new series of books: "Azienda Facile".

Happy birthday iPad!

Best Movie: Paperlit launches its first Android Applications

Management Guide decides to go mobile.

Tiempo Presente, chilean publisher group goes with Paperlit

Datamanager: ICT news on the iPad

Il Giornale chooses Paperlit

Wired Italy on the web

Paperlit on Prima Comunicazione

Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso/Finegil launched with Paperlit

New York Magazine launches with Paperlit on iPad

L’Eco di Bergamo and La Provincia di Como for iPad and iPhone

Paperlit for Android has landed

push notifications made simple

Paperlit featured on Il Sole 24's home page

Edizioni La Cuba: three new cycling Apps.

Sprea brings the animal world on the iPad

Editoriale Duesse on the App Store with Paperlit

Sprea Editori has choosen Paperlit to bring their magazines into the AppStore

Paperlit #1, #4, #5, #7 and #10 most downloaded iPad app + 3.1.2 updates

1 million pages read in the first 48 hours of iPad's european launch

Welcome Novella!

Paperlit ships reader ahead of iPad's european launch

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