10 Oct 2017 by Marco Atzori

An international player experience: 4 reasons to choose Paperlit


You’ve looked at your options, studied which ones are best for your needs and you’ve narrowed it down to a few digital publishing platforms. Paperlit presents a strong offering. Aside from its functionalities, here are some of the main reasons why clients choose Paperlit:


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International experience and outlook

Paperlit’s clients span publishers from across the world. Among the ranks of its clients include a daily Turkish paper, an Italian high-fashion magazine, an Indian tech mag and a Brazilian automobile newsletter app.

Clients come from everywhere, but what draws international customers to Paperlit is its ability to satisfy modern digital publishing needs. At the end of the day, these organizations want to reach their audience and provide them with the best experience interacting with their content.

Moreover, the platform’s ease in navigating through international markets and success in different countries was perhaps started in Paperlit’s own history and development. It was founded in California but has since concentrated its efforts in Milan and Sardinia.

Trusted by multi-sector publications

Paperlit has been used by diverse organizations. While Paperlit has been adopted by both magazine and daily newspaper publishers, the need for distributing digital content isn’t limited to that sector.

The platform has been used to create more interactive product catalogues, newsletters, corporate magazines, a real time news app and more which attests to its multi-format support and versatility. One of the main factors driving companies to use Paperlit is being able to take advantage of the benefits of digital marketing while giving them a creative alternative to the usual ebooks and blogs commonly used in content marketing.

With Paperlit, marketers that want to publish interactive digital publications can do so without having to outsource production to a digital publisher. Paperlit makes it easy to create them using the same graphic design skills found in almost any marketing department.

Catered to both big and small brands

Paperlit has varying packages depending on the organization’s needs. This is why among Paperlit’s customers it’s not difficult to find smaller clients alongside giants in the publishing industry, such as Vanity Fair and HELLO! Fashion magazines. Its basic starting package already allows you to distribute 12 digital replica issues per year with an app. This is perfect for the starting publisher.

Meanwhile, its mid-range package already allows for more advanced features such as its multimedia editor, web reader, unlimited hosting and bandwidth, push notifications, analytics, monetization through ad integration and more; just what a growing digital publication needs.

Its higher packages allow in-magazine and in-app purchasing, and coupon management for those that want e-commerce integration into their digital publications. It also lets you create interactive digital reflows, multiple issues in your newsstand app, app compiling and submission by Paperlit, dedicated support, subscription database integration and multiple issues per month. These enterprise-level packages are ideal for publishers and organizations that want to have a serious publication backbone.

Always at the forefront of innovation

One of the many advantages of digital publishing is that the advancement of technology always guarantees its evolution. There’s always a new feature that can be made available to digital publishers, but only if they choose a platform that’s actively growing itself.

Paperlit has proven time and again that it does. From the growth of social media, it has been one of the first to factor in social readers to its functionalities, allowing publishers to take advantage of social media from its early days.

With the growing importance of mobile devices and how readers increasingly consume content through them, Paperlit has once again added the new Paperlit live, which allows publishers to release frequently updated content on their apps. Readers don’t have to wait to visit your app when an issue is released. They can get a frequent stream of content that’s updated as soon as they are published. Just as in the past, Paperlit is always looking for new functionalities to add depending on the market demands and trends.


Paperlit is a valid choice if you want highly-customizable digital publication apps that have functionalities that are relevant for capturing your readers’ attention. With its extensive experience and the compatibility of its packages with publishers and companies of various sizes, if you choose Paperlit you will surely benefit from this software.


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