07 Apr 2011 by Paperlit

Apple-Android: Smartphone market share exploding

We have taken these charts from a Business Insider article which describes Smartphone platform growth and consumer usage


A couple of comments from us here at Paperlit.

1) The overall number of smartphones and the time consumers spend with their smartphones indicates a huge shift in consumer habits. It is not hard to envision a world in which internet and smartphone advertising are bigger than TV and print.

2) The winners of the number 1 and 2 spots of mobile OS are clear and this knowledge is important for publishers in terms of where to focus deployment, energy and resources.

3) As of today, 36.5% of the people who have a smartphone are using apps, a 3% increase in 90 days. Wow!


Here's the US handset share, by manufacturer:


US Smartphone Handset Share February 2011

US Handset Share February 2011

Image: Comscore


And US smartphone platform share (this is the key one):


US Smartphone Platform Share February 2011

US Smartphone Platform Share

Image: Comscore


And, relatedly, a look at what folks are doing with their handsets these days:


US Mobile Content Usage February 2011



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