08 Mar 2018 by Luca Filigheddu

Are you about to create a digital magazine app? Here are 8 tips!


It’s common knowledge that the world of app creation is rather difficult to navigate and that it takes a certain level of skill to create and launch something truly special. Now, this is even more so the case when creating a digital magazine app which is highly specialised and specific. 

Well, here are the useful tips and tricks that could help you to conquer this make-or-break industry.

Tip #1 Get to know your audience

This may sound a little obvious but remember to write your content and copy in a tone that your audience will be able to relate to. Establishing who your audience is and what they are looking for can really help you to improve the quality of your app and content which could be vital to your success. So, get to know who you’re talking and what you can offer them!

Tip #2 Keep an eye on your competitors

Obviously, there is a large number of digital magazine apps on the market, each offering something new and a little different. Don’t be afraid to check them out and see what they have on offer. You could then incorporate some of the most efficient and effective features of their app into yours. This could reel in some new fans and build you a reputation as an innovative creator!


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Tip #3 Plan, Plan, Plan

If you are about to create an app, one thing that you really must do is make a plan. Planning can help you to organise your thoughts and ideas cohesively and efficiently. So, set your mind to it and create plans including dates with deadlines and goals that could be the difference between your success and failure.

Tip #4 Do your research

When it comes time to create a digital magazine, one thing is certain: you must do your research. Look into the world of app creation, look online and learn what those who have gone before you have done, what improvements could be made, what are musts and what can be waited for.

Tip #5 Make smart choices

The decisions you make now will shape its entire future. Think carefully about the features that you’ll offer and incorporate into the digital edition and what features can be left out and will not be resourceful. You can always add more assets later but when you are beginning it’s best not to bombard your users with unnecessary components that will be irrelevant.

Tip #6 Consider ASO early

Now, this is something that you should take into consideration in the early stages of creating your app. ASO or App Store Optimisation works to improve an app’s visibility by increasing its ranking in search results and in top charts. If you increase your digital magazine app’s ranking, you will see a huge increase in the number of downloads it receives, which is only positive!

There are some tactics that you can use to do this, including Keyword Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation. So, be sure to do your research and as you start out producing content and create your digital magazine, you can add these features and optimise the process!

Tip #7 Create a well-designed icon

You may not think that this is very important but your app icon is the first visual that people will see when they are searching for your app. Your app icon should be well thought-out and reflect your brand’s image. Don’t over-complicate the design as they do not render well on small devices! Also, attempt to cohesively link the icon with the theme that runs throughout the app to imply a level of continuity and overall a more professional look.

Tip #8 Offer App Previews

App previews are videos that show your app in action. They should focus on your app’s benefits and will be used across all outlets. It’s important to focus on key features while keeping it simple, so avoid using voice-overs and over-complicated language. App previews are useful to build excitement for your app and gain a bit of interest prior to its arrival, and even once it is newly launched.

Well, there you have it! It’s time to go forth and create.



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