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11 Mar 2019 by Enrica Menozzi

All the steps to launch and promote a voice app

Although voice apps are still not as widely available as other channels, we are currently at the tipping point where more and more voice apps will be launched, and even more will come later.

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05 Mar 2019 by Enrica Menozzi

Magazine publishers, improve your SEO ranking with a voice app!

  Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an area of digital marketing that is always changing.

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12 Dec 2018 by Enrica Menozzi

Digital readers insights: how to exploit the data to create a data-driven strategy

Developing a data-driven strategy should be a priority for anyone managing a digital magazine. Good on you for having an interest in exploring this topic!

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27 Nov 2018 by Enrica Menozzi

15 great push notification techniques that publishers should try

Push notifications are the number one mobile engagement tactic in the arsenal of any app publisher, so there’s no reason why magazine publishers shouldn’t take advantage of this handy functionality.

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18 Sep 2018 by Enrica Menozzi

Native apps or web tech: which one is better for a digital magazine?

A lot has already been said about native apps versus web tech-based apps. There are even hybrid apps that combine the best of both worlds. However, not much has been said yet about their suitability for digital magazines.

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10 Sep 2018 by Enrica Menozzi

How Paperlit can help you to boost your app downloads

Most digital publishing platforms focus on how to bring out a good digital magazine or publication. However, many fail to also focus on increasing app downloads, and that’s one of the things Paperlit helps with.

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03 Jul 2018 by Enrica Menozzi

Digital Magazine Creation? Here is how to do it in a traditional newsroom

  Many of the traditional publishers who have been producing paper magazines for decades are now thinking about joining the modern age and creating something to keep up with the competition.

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27 Jun 2018 by Enrica Menozzi

How much does it cost to create a digital magazine?

  There are two types of digital magazines: replica and reflow. Both offer a digital version of your magazine, but they are vastly different in terms of cost and features.

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07 Jun 2018 by Enrica Menozzi

Get ready for your magazine publication: print, digital or both?

   The world of publishing is moving faster than ever before which is why it pays to put yourself in the mind of your readers. While we all love the feel of print in our hands, is there room for a digital bedfellow in the relationship? Let’s take a look at a few of the options…

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05 Jun 2018 by Enrica Menozzi

5 questions to ask yourself before you create a digital magazine

  When we are faced with those decisions that have the potential to drastically alter our lives or our careers, we must ensure that we ask ourselves the important questions that will help us make the right choice. This is particularly the case when you decide to create a digital magazine.

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