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03 Aug 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

From a blog to a digital magazine: Paperlit plugin

While blogging in itself is already a useful activity whether you’re looking to boost your search ranking or simply to bring more value to your customers or subscribers, did you know that you can increase your blog’s impact even more?

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27 Jul 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

Mobile-Friendly Magazine: Why you can't do without it

Your readers are important to you. Your magazine reaches your target market, and people are reading it. But how much time do any of us have to sit still and read anymore? 

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25 Jul 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

Multimedia content benefits for digital magazines: the HPub format

When it comes to versatility, the magazine industry is now experiencing a renaissance. Through digital publishing, there are now more creative ways for magazines to deliver their message and interact with their readers.

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06 Jul 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

Digital magazines and earning opportunities for publishers

Generating more earnings has been on the mind of print media publishers since disruptive technologies rocked the industry. Despite this, several publishing houses have found their success; but not before making some radical changes.

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22 Jun 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

5 innovative things that you can do with a digital magazine

Digital magazines are a lot more versatile than their print version ancestors, whether it’s from an advertising, convenience or creative standpoint.

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15 Jun 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

Making money with a blog? 5 tips

Did you know that blogging is one of the most common ways of making money online? Of course, it takes more than just putting a few paragraphs and publishing it on Wordpress. It takes a bit of work but fortunately, it’s a very scalable way to make money on the internet.

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07 Jun 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

The huge growth of digital magazines

If you think about it, the digital publishing industry has only really been around since 2010. But since then, it has seen continued growth.

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06 Apr 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

Decreasing the costs of the newsroom in 3 steps

There are basically only two ways to improve profit margins in any business. One is to increase prices, and the other is to decrease costs. In the current economic environment, raising prices is challenging, as even major manufacturers have discovered.

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28 Mar 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

How to publish a digital magazine by yourself

  There are many good reasons for publishing a digital magazine and one of the great features of digital publishing is that it’s accessible to smaller teams of people and even individuals.

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20 Mar 2017 by Enrica Menozzi

How apps can help raising the circulation of magazines

The digital revolution has certainly brought about a lot of changes in the way we look for information. Nowadays, the web is the primary source of information and entertainment for a lot of people, and the number of users is still growing.

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