20 Aug 2012 by Paperlit

Balt Mag upgrades to Paperlit


Baltimore Magazine launched a new and improved App with Paperlit today. The magazine is now available on iPad as a Single issue purchase or subscription. Baltimore Magazine upgraded to the Paperlit platform from Thumb Media.

Balt Mag has launched their app with a 236 page special edition, The Best of Baltimore. So all of you Baltimore fans, be sure to download the new and improved app, which is, as Balt Mag advertises, "Faster, easier to use and full of digital special features such as photo galleries, video and polls".

The Balt Mag project is one of the first apps launched in collaboration with Paperlit's North American partner, Aysling Digital Media Solutions. In this specific case, Aysling and Paperlit integrated CDS and the Olive system into the Paperlit platform, so access to the app for print subscribers and text extraction functions were easy to integrate for the publisher. All Baltimore Magazine digital subscribers from the previous app were migrated to the new app as well.




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