08 Apr 2013 by Paperlit

Civiltà Cattolica goes multi-platform with Paperlit


Civiltà Cattolica, Italy's oldest and most respected Catholic magazine, has decided to go digital with Paperlit. The decision was to go on as many platforms as possible which means iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows 8.


The director of the magazine, Padre Antonio Spadaro, had this to say about the launch of the digital versions, " We want to publish the print magazine but at the same time we want to reach as many people as possible, so we decided to go online and on iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows 8, and Kindle Fire. In this way every platform and every tablet device have an application to download our content. The new edition of the magazine also aims at reaching a younger and broader audience. As Jesuits, we are called by the Popes to be where the trenches and boundaries are, these are the favourite places of the Jesuits".


Mario Mariani, co-founder of Paperlit, had this to say about the launch, "The oldest (April 6, 1850) and most respected Catholic Magazine has chosen the most innovative and forward way to move forward in the digital world. These are surely signs of the times and we are honoured to have helped such an exciting and open vision to the future."






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