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Civiltà Cattolica may be the oldest magazine in Italy but also one of the most innovative!

Civiltà Cattolica, Italy's oldest magazine, is not , however the most conservative. On the contrary, as of today, it is one of the most innovative in the country.  Today,  Civiltà Cattolica, made an interesting statement for publishers worldwide. Last year, the director of the magazine,  Padre Antonio Spadaro, contacted us and asked us to help him go mobile on all platforms possible. Yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised by Padre Spadaro's complete commitment to digital.

Padre Spadaro carried out an in depth interview (6 hours) with Pope Francesco and launched the interview on the iPad and Android editions well ahead of the paper versions.




The director of Civiltà Cattolica has made a huge statement in Italy and around the world certainly for such an in depth and comprehensive interview of Pope Francesco and in addition, Civiltà Cattolica, brought this to its readers worldwide faster than it could have ever imagined just two years ago.

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When Padre Spadaro contacted us,  we were of course happy to help such a prestigious magazine but we could never have imagined that he would bring, as a first, such a wonderful, clear and comprehensive conversation with the Pope; a Pope who loves Fellini, Mozart and Bach; a Pope who has a hard time with the crowds because he is a simple man who likes to communicate with people one at a time, eye to eye. Thank you Padre Spadaro for enlightening us a bit more on the unique,  personable and spiritual nature of the new leader of the Catholic world!

For people who can read Italian, you can download the issue here:

Civiltà Cattolica iOS

Civiltà Cattolica Android


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