06 Feb 2013 by Paperlit

Condenast Italy beefs up its digital offering

Condenast Italy has added 2 new titles to its digital offering. The leading magazine publisher in Italy has added Vanity Fair on iOS and Android and GQ on Android. Condenast Italy has been using the Paperlit platform since 2010 and is present with over 10 titles in Italy and Spain, with some of its most valuable brands (Vogue bambini, Traveler, Myself, AD).


The latest editions are a confirmation of a trend with publishing partners using the Paperlit platform. Many multi-publication magazine and newspaper publishers started working with us in 2009 and 2010 with 1 publication. The trend is to move more publications to more platforms.


Mario Mariani, co-founder and head of strategy, explains this trend in more detail, "When we launched in 2009 in Italy, we were one of the first solutions on the market. We won big clients such as Condenast, Repubblica,  Sprea and Turkuvaz (Turkey). Each one of these publishers has over 20 publications and they all started with their flagship products. As our publishing partners gained experience with the platform and learned how easy  it was to add new publications and platforms , they did and do just that.


60 of our partners, for example, took advantage of our Windows 8 offering and launched on day 1 of the Windows 8 offering, making us the number one developer of Windows 8 apps in the world for the launch.


At present, each one of the publishers I mentioned has over 10 publications with us and are on at least 2 platforms.


In Sprea's case, they saw an opportunity to move their Italian langauge magazines into new markets in digital only format.


In Turkey our partner Turkuvaz added all of their magazines to their offering and embraced our Facebook Social Reader.


When we started our business in 2009, we studied extensively a business proposition that would make it easy for publishers to reach ROI fast with a fair monthly fee to cover bandwidth and development costs, abbandoning the model of charging for downloads, we decided to charge for plateaus of unique users.


Each time a publishing partner confirms a new platform or title, we understand that the business model and multi-platform strategy works for them and therefore for us as well.


We are a service platform and aim to provide the easiest and most efficient way to move into the digital space."


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