17 Jul 2012 by Paperlit

Condenast Italy launches more new apps powered by Paperlit


This week Condenast Italy launched the magazines Myself and Traveler, powered by Paperlit,  with a new look and feel.


Paperlit and Condenast Italy started working together 2 years ago with the launch of Wired, Italy on iOS and since then have covered many publicaitons and platforms.

The new versions of Myself and Traveler include a new and improved User Interface with a new layout for the table of contents, sharing and bookmarking.

Chief developer and founder, Gionata Mettifogo, had this to say about the new apps,


"Our mantra has always been to simplify the publishers workflow, making the multi-platform digital publishing process as efficient as possible. When a publisher begins with one platform or one publication and then continually comes back to improve their digital offering, we know we are doing something right.  Condenast is an important client for us and we are thrilled with the new apps we are producing for them".


And Condenast fans, don't worry because we have a lot more coming in the near future!



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