11 May 2011 by Paperlit

Condenast Italy launches new iPad version of Wired with Paperlit.

After Wired Italy's launch last month with Paperlit of an enriched PDF replica, the new iPad edition is a mixture of Wired.it content and the digital replica of the magazine.

In addition, Wired Italy now has complete sharing features via Facebook and Twitter.
Condenast Italy, with this new version of Wired, is the first publishing partner to use version 5.0 of the Paperlit publishing suite. 
Version 5.0 allows for a complete iPad, iPhone or Android experience, where consumers can browse all sorts of different content and services offered by a publisher in a tap and browse environment.
In the case of Wired, consumers can read the current and archive versions of the digital replicas and, immediately after, slide to the Wired.it RSS feeds, photo galleries or audio-video, all of which are presented as separate items, which once tapped on, become browsable vertically and horizontally.
Gionata Mettifogo, founder and chief developer, has this to say about the Wired launch,
"Wired, for sure, has the most important customer base of technological innovators and we are extremely enthusiastic that they chose our publishing suite to meet the needs of such a demanding consumer.
When we started proposing an iPad version to publishers 18 months ago, most of our partners were at the very beginning of the creation of a digital strategy and there were not many specific requests on the user experience or management of their content. We developed on what we thought was best for a publisher facing the challenges of going mobile, keeping the technological impact to a minimum for the publisher and the cognitive effort for the consumer as well.
 A year and a half later, with over 200 publications and over 2 million downloaded apps, we have collected an incredible amount of requests and suggestions from our publishing partners, as well as observing usage statistics. Version 5.0 was planned in large part by aggregating what we thought were the most important requests, giving our partners and their consumers a better digital experience with a focus on ease of use, download speed, one touch access, sharing capabilities and enhanced advertising and revenue generation opportunities."
In addition to enhancing the management of all types of content feeds ranging from PDF, XML to html5 and RSS,  publishers can offer tailored advertising/sponsorship spaces and features such as cached videos for advertising partners.
Another point of focus has been an improved user experience on an iPad or Android device, creating a very simple touch and slide access to all the content available in the app.

Tablets have surely increased the age range of consumers who can now enjoy access to digital content and we have worked hard on creating an experience which makes it possible for very young children or elderly people to intuitively access all the content in an app immediately, without the need for any instruction or learning time.  In this way, mobile computing not only increases reach for giving access to content anywhere at anytime but it also increases the age group

Photo_1 Photo_3 Photo_4

publishers can target.  Just 2 years ago, an online newspaper surely could not have counted on reaching the entire senior citizen audience nor could a children's content owner think of reaching 5 year olds with the same ease as on an iPad or Android device today.

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