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Edizioni La Cuba: three new cycling Apps.

On the Apple’s App Store now there are three new publications for all the bicycle riders.


La Bicicletta +: the most authoritative Italian monthly magazine of road cycling for the people who love riding bikes. It is a modern and updated magazine, indispensable for those who practice or are eager to practice cycling seriously and with a real involvement, either to gain a physical wellness or just for fun or to discover new realities riding a bicycle. The authors of the articles have the best expertise in the field and their informative features are complete and reliable in order to satisfy all kinds of cyclists. Particularly, LA BICICLETTA is the best referring point regarding the technical aspects of cycling, from all points of view, whether is about products analysis, materials, bio-mechanic aspects, riding techniques, tactics, training, alimentation, health, medicine, fitness and so on. The racing bicycles are tested and fully examined, with their frames, components, accessories, instruments, their technical apparel and all what is needed to feel comfortable about riding a bicycle. Insight reviews are published either on single products or on about wide overviews on the accessories present in the market. Particular attention is given to the newest products.


Mtb world +: the first mountain bike magazine in Italy, is the most authoritative and updated in the field.  Its editors are dedicated mountain bikers themselves and have lived the MTB phenomenon from the very beginning, gaining know-how of this sport and knowledge of the products that is unequalled in the mountain biking field in Italy. During the evolution of the mountain biking, all our journalists became highly specialized in their preferred form of activity, some choosing cross country, others the great races, others the freeride, trail-biking and all-mountain with full suspension of 120-150 mm and those who only ride the 29rs or love riding with a GPS on the hand bar.  Each one of them contributes monthly to make a magazine that speaks to all the mountain bikers with in depth features and extraordinary photos, several tests and real-life coverage of the hardest and most difficult races all over the world, with an accurate description of the itineraries in the best places of Italy, particularly those that can be easily reached with low-cost flights, including bike parks.

CyclingPro + : the most innovative Italian monthly professional cycling magazine dedicated both to cyclists with a passion for professional bicycle road racing and to competitive cycling enthusiasts who don't ride but love the sport.
CYCLING PRO is a young and modern magazine with a strong international character, indispensable for those who are eager to understand delve into the secrets of the professionals world.
All technical aspects regarding custom bicycles, components and accessories used during a competition are analyzed and described together with the professional racers and their mechanics, ample space is reserved to the pre-race preparation of the champions themselves. Regarding racing tactics, important sections of the magazine are dedicated to the racing strategies and techniques used by top professionals.
The most relevant and updated news regarding the professional cycling world are regarded with great journalistic knowledge and the published articles are implemented with complete information to satisfy all kinds of cycling followers, even the most “evolved” ones.
For all these reasons CYCLING PRO has become a referring point of the Italian specialized editing regarding cycling and the great champions.
All journalists and collaborators of CYCLING PRO are deeply involved in the professional cycling world, knowing about it all its secrets with a great baggage of experiences lived in it. Our photographers too are at top level internationally.


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