06 Jul 2011 by Paperlit

Emergency magazine chooses Paperlit

Emergency, the non profit association dedicated to setting up hospitals and giving Emergency medical care in war zones throughout the world, has launched an Android version of their magazine (iPad coming very soon). The magazine was recently created from the experience of Peace Reporter, Journalist Maso Notarianni and the tenacity of the founder, Gino Strada.



Emergency, the magazine, covers topics which go from literature to investigative reporting and breaking stories from all over the world.  With the leadership of Gianni Mura and other prestigious journalists such as Fabrizio Ravelli, the author Andrea Camilleri and the film director Gianni Amelio, Emergency sold 75,000 copies in its launch issue and is now selling 40,000 at the newsstand.

"Since Emergency has supporters from all over the world, it was a natural decision for us to create digital versions on iPad and Android. We are always looking for new ways to get our message across and to find new supporters that do not know of the atrocities of wars and the catastrophic consequence they have on children such as in the case of toy bombs.

With Paperlit - explains Maso Notarianni - we have found a new and effective platform to communicate our message in an efficient and inexpensive way, which is where we need to be.  At present, for example, we are publishing the magazine in Italian but the digital version allows us to create international versions as well.

We just need to find some supporters with the proper translation skills!"


We at Paperlit are thrilled to help Emergency in reaching their goals, explains Jonathan Brownstein from Paperlit. Emergency is a group of courageous and talented people who risk their lives every day to save children and other innocent war victims and it is simply an honor for us to serve them in some way.

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