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Engage your digital magazine readers with these videos

Engage_your_digital_magazine_readers_with_these_videos.jpgIn the world of digital magazines, publishers are constantly striving to step things up a notch and engage with their audience in new and exciting ways that will make them come back time and time again.

 This is the legacy of the technological era. So, one easy way to do this is by incorporating videos in our magazine. Now, there are a plethora of videos that you could include depending on who your audience is and what content you want to produce, so let’s take a little peek at the options available.

Supplementary Videos

Videos have well and truly transformed the world of digital magazines, altering the way that audiences learn and perceive about important issues and world affairs. They are able to do many things but perhaps most importantly, raise awareness of important issues and facilitate an easier and better understanding of complex stories by presenting background information and various opinions.


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By incorporating supplementary videos into your digital magazine, you not only add a whole new dimension to your work but also increase the level of engagement that your digital magazine readers have. Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at one of the options of supplementary videos that you could include.

  • Video Infographics: these are animated videos that aim to explain, educate and inform viewers about important events and issues giving them statistics and detailed insights.

Exclusive Videos

These days it is just common practice to find interactive content in digital editions and is what’s expected by most readers. Offering exclusive videos is just one way that you can enhance your user’s experience.

You can offer behind-the-scenes videos and interviews that compliment your editorial content and add an extra dimension that will be endlessly valuable to your digital magazine readers or, well, users. Let’s take a look at some more options of exclusive videos.

  • Videos with Influencers: it’s no secret that we are the YouTube generation with many YouTube influencers rising through the ranks to become famed for their content and valued as much as some celebrities. If you feature videos with influencers in your digital magazine, you could find yourself drawing in even more viewers and appealing to those that you do have on a greater scale. So, look for an influencer whose target audience overlaps with yours and see if a possible collaboration could be worked out.
  • Interviews: reading an interview online can often be a little bit boring, no matter how fun or entertaining the interview actually was. So, what better way to add interest that incorporating some clips of the interview (perhaps the highlights) and allowing your readers to really engage with the interviewee!

Promotional Videos

Now, this type of video is a little different from the others as it offers advertisers the opportunity to enhance their print ads with branded videos or by creating editorial content with embedded videos.

These promotional videos are often described as win-win for both the advertisers and the publishers as they boost brand engagement and increase advertising revenue. It’s not a secret though that many online users find sponsored content very unappealing and don’t really value the opinions given in them, but here is one way to get around that:

  • Videos with brands to show a peculiar product: we all see those products online that we wonder if they are actually real and who would buy them or, perhaps even more so, think to create them. Sharing a video that demonstrates how to use this odd product could be just what your audience is looking for, especially as we often see Instagram and YouTube awash with these videos. So, if you want to add a humorous twist to branded content, that’s one way to do it!

Curated Videos

Videos are notorious for being a little more on the costly side (if you want something that is well-produced, that is) but have no fear, even if you don’t have the budget to produce your own video content, you don’t have to forgo them. Curated lists are used in just about any magazine vertical in order to showcase popular videos from the web centred around one specific topic. These lists can be curated by editorial staff or even your online community so that you can highlight popular trends. Budget shouldn’t stand between you and videos!

Well, there you have just some of the video choices that you could incorporate into your digital magazine today.



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