24 Dec 2011 by Paperlit

Famiglia Cristiana wishes its readers a Merry Christmas


Famiglia Cristiana, Italy's most important Catholic magazine, has chosen an innovative way to celebrate Christmas this year.


The publisher has decided to give away the magazine for free via the Paperlit Social Reader on Christmas eve. 

As the publishers explains, 80 years ago today, the first 1,000 copies were published in a very cold printing press, with dedicated Sisters managing all the work after Midnight Mass.


And today, the magazine pays homage to its founding fathers and sisters with a free and very innovative product, where readers can share, recommend and browse the Famiglia Cristiana magazines and web content within the the Paperlit Social Reader app.



Innovators 80 years ago, innovators today, Famiglia Cristiana offers this exciting new social experience as a Christmas present to all.




From us here at Paperlit, the courage and enthusiasm Famiglia Cristiana is showing in their digital products is simply great and we hope other publishers follow their lead with such vision and courage.


Buon Natale a tutti!


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