13 Jan 2014 by Paperlit

Paperlit Strengthens Newspaper App Product Offering

Finegil, the local daily paper branch of Gruppo Editoriale Espresso has continued its growth in the mobile space. The editorial group started working with Paperlit in 2010 and now has 18 local papers with updated versions on iOS, Blackberry 10 and most recently the Android platform.  Finegil is one of the most important editorial groups in Italy and for sure the most important in the local daily paper sector. The group's renewed commitment to add more platforms to their existing product offering is good news for the daily newspaper industry. On this link you can find an example of one of their papers on iOS, Android and BB 10.

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The user interface for all of the papers is the same with easy navigation to choose your local paper. Il Tirreno, the daily paper that covers Pisa and 11 other localities, for example, let's you choose your local edition which then becomes your default issue, unless changed manually.

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Finegil is offering a weekly and yearly subscription both from their website and from the respective app stores. On Google Play, they are offering weekly subscriptions via mobile telephone operator payment.

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Gionata Mettifogo, founder and chief developer of Paperlit, explains the Paperlit-Finegil relationship, "Finegil was one of our first customers (talks initiated in 2009) and unlike most of our competitors, we learned how to best serve the publishing industry, starting with a very big daily newspaper group. This experience helped shaped our road map to create an environment that kept things simple and allowed the editorial system and publisher to manage his content without any intervention on our part. For sure, this is one of our strengths in the industry today."





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