27 Mar 2013 by Paperlit

Finegil Group launches on BB 10 with Paperlit


Finegil group has launched 18 apps on Blackberry 10 today with Paperlit. Finegil is part of Gruppo Espresso/La Repubblica and is one of Paperlit's historic clients. Some of the most popular of the Finegil local papers are: Il Tirreno, Il Centro and La Nuova Sardegna.

The choice of your digital publishing partner is important and one of the key factors is how easy it is to publish and manage your papers on multi-platforms. Time to market is an important factor as well. With the Finegil launch on Blackberry 10, it is safe to say that these two bases are covered with the Paperlit publishing solution.


Blackberry 10 is a big bet for Canadian based company and from what we see, the product is excellent! As more and more mobile platforms are born, publishers are finding it increasingly complex to manage all devices and are often choosing only one or two solutions.

This creates a "have and have not" situation for readers. We at Paperlit firmly believe publishers need to offer their content to all their readers on all platforms, creating as many revenue and advertising opportunities as the market allows.

For this reason we have come up with a commercial offer with a highly discounted rate from our official price list for a 360 degree digital publishing solution.

Contact us now and let us help you go cross-platform!


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