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I have a good friend in Spain who I visited this summer.  We were talking adamantly after a wonderful multi course meal at his restaurant about the financial crisis and all of the endless complaining that was going on around us. He quickly looked at me after bringing us just one more glass of wine and with a big smile said, "when people start crying, just sell handkerchiefs". 

The other night I caught a Chinese entrepreneur on TV explaining that the word crisis in Chinese is always accompanied by the word opportunity.


Change is an opportunity. It is simple as that. And you do not have to be a fortune teller to understand where to invest your money. Just watch people on public transport and you will see that 10 to 50% of their eye and ear time is spent buried in their smart phones.


The question, then, at least for us at Paperlit is how to best enable our publishing partners to compete and win their fair share of time on these  devices.


Our company Mantras to meet those goals are 3:


  • We do our best to keep it simple for the publishers to get his/her content on the devices.
  • We do our best to allow publishers to manage multi-platforms and multi sources from where their content is coming.
  • We do our best to give our publishers the tools to manage their marketing strategies, to analyze performance of their products and to innovate when and where possible.

And in light of this, at the beginning of 2011 we added Android to our platform, a new easy to use multimedia back office management tool and most recently we have launched a Facebook app, which was picked up immediately by some of our most important partners worldwide such as Boston Phoenix, Harvard Public Health Review, Sabah, Turkey and Il Fatto Quotidiano.


It has been an interesting year for us and we wanted to share with you some of our accomplishments so at least  on 1 site, you can find some good news about growth, value creation and happy, shiny people:0)


We have developed 600 apps with customers in more than 15 countries, including Spain, Turkey, Poland, Chile, Argentina, UK, USA and Switzerland and at the end of 2011, Paperlit powered apps represented 39% of the most successful publications in the Italian App Store.


Our challenge is of course to continue to grow, to maintain our high standard of performance and to keep the right pace of innovation, which for us is a combination of keep it simple but also to take advantage of all the tools possible to help our partners turn their digital products into profits.


We have some great success stories where niche publishers are starting to generate 5-10 and even 15,000 euro per month on 1 publication.


I know this may sound like we are simply pounding our chest but this is not our message nor the goal.


On one hand we are proud of our accomplishments but more importantly we would like to add some optimism for 2012 and we would like to invite you, who may have just found out about us, to call us and let us sell you some of the best handkerchiefs you have ever bought:0)


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