13 Mar 2018 by Marco Atzori

How to promote your digital magazine app through your website


So, you have created your very own digital magazine app that you hope will draw in the masses and attract a dedicated following, but the question is, how can you promote this app efficiently and effectively? 

Well, if you are already the proud owner of a website that is fully operational and mobile-friendly, then you can use this to aid you in the promotion of your app.

After all, the people who are most interested in your app, are most likely those who find themselves drawn to your site, so notifying them of your new project can only be helpful. Now, let’s look at some ways that you can promote your app.

Dedicate a section of your site to promotion

This is perhaps the easiest way to promote your app and should be your very first port of call. Sectioning off part of your site to exclusively promote your app is vital whether it be a corner of the screen that permanently alerts your viewers to the fact that you have an app or a section occupying the middle of the screen. Both of these options will act as non-intrusive reminders of what is at their fingertips.


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Pop-up to everyone

This is a method that is slightly more direct and ensures that everyone who visits your site takes notice of your new creation. The pop-up acts as a simple reminder that you have a digital magazine app that could interest them and then gives the option to download the app or continue to the website.

Design a Landing Page

Landing pages are well-known as highly persuasive tools that entice people to click through to either download your app or visit your site. They also act as superb marketing devices that build anticipation and grow your audience’s interest in the app. Essentially, a landing page gives you the opportunity to show some of the key features of your app with hints and details about the content. Just bear in mind that creating landing pages is a process that requires copywriting and design skills in order to convey the correct message in a way that will appeal to your readers.

Call your viewers to action

A call to action, or a CTA, is a statement that aims to get an immediate response from the people reading it. It’s used to get your target market to respond through action, and in this case, download your app. Although some people fear that they can seem obnoxious and pushy, the reality is dismissing CTAs can mean losing out on money and downloads. Just be sure to use the action verbs that signal a call to action like “download”, “click here”, “subscribe” and so on with simple and catchy phrases, and you’ll be fending them off.

Write a presentation post for your app

When your app is first made available (and if any updates or new features are added), you should provide your web users with the explanations and instructions on how to use it. This will also give them the opportunity to immediately understand all of the features on offer and, no doubt, entice them to use them.

So, write a presentation post that explains the reasons why you decided to create your app, what your app offers above and beyond your website and the benefits that it brings to users. Don’t forget to provide the universal link for the download too. You should also try to include a visual preview of what lies in store with the app if downloaded with pictures and perhaps even a short video clip. It could be just what it takes to make them press that download button.

Optimise SEO for your site

Once you’ve added all the appropriate features to your website, including your landing page that showcases your app, it’s time to invest in search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics. These will help customers find your website and, perhaps even indirectly, your app through search. Organic search traffic is one of the best ways to get your product or service discovered on the interwebs. Perfecting your site’s SEO could mean thousands of people get to know about your app each month. So, delve into the world of SEO and be astounded.

There you have it, and now get promoting!




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