02 Sep 2011 by Paperlit

Il Caffe' increases digital offering

Il Caffe', one of Paperlit's first clients has added to its digital offering. As of last week, Il Caffe' now has an Android version, a brand new iPhone version, and has also added a supplment to the digital offering of the free Sunday paper, TicinoVino.


Il Caffe' is a great example for publishers looking at successful strategies in this sector.

Il Caffe' has taken full advantage of Paperlit's back office from day one, adding audio-video and photo galleries on a weekly basis. With the Swiss publisher's increased commitment to reaching even more readers and with more publications, it gives a good business case to all that are " waiting and seeing".


We see this as an increasing trend with many of our publishing partners and this is to increase distribution via Android, to add the new subscription features that Apple added last February and to add more publications.


Hey All, Summer is over. Now is the time to go digital!



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