23 Dec 2011 by Paperlit

Il Fatto Quotidiano goes Social with Paperlit


Il fatto Quotidiano, Italy's most important independent newspaper, headed by Antonio Padellaro,  Marco Travaglio andPeter Gomez has chosen the Paperlit Social Reader. 

The founding motto of the newspaper is:


"Let's try to make a newspaper which has ownership but no owner, a newspaper which never has to ask any anybody for permission." 
Founded in September, 2009, the newspaper has had a huge success in the Italian market, where all major newspapers are connected to a political party and the Fatto remains independent.


For this reason, Il Fatto is one of the few Italian newspapers, if not the only, that does not accept the Italian public funding for editorial projects.
Nonetheless, Il Fatto, has done very well with over 29 million euro in turnover in 2010 and 5.8 Million in profit.


We at Paperlit are very excited to have Il Fatto use the Social Reader as a new and innovative tool to create even more buzz and community. The paper at present has a circulation of 150,000 copies and a massive online community.


With over 650,000 Facebook users, the Paperlit Social Reader will be a great way for Il Fatto Quotidiano readers to comment, like and share their favorite articles and web content.


Merry Christmas Fatto Quotidiano fans! You have a new way to read and share your favorite newspaper and on-line site and here it is!:



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