26 Jul 2011 by Paperlit

iPads and Oysters

As I travel throughout the world, encountering publishers and interested content owners, I often am asked why we chose the Italian market to start with.

This is how we decided.

Italy is one of the best test territories in the world in terms of mobile technology uptake and usage.

99% of Italians on the move have a cell phone beating the European average by 3% points. Italians spent 2 billion euro in technology this year and this figure is up 20% from last year.

In our first year of market test, even if the Italian publishing market is suffering as the rest of the world is, we had an incredible pick up rate in Italy from small, medium and large publishers, all of whom knew that now was not the time to wait and see...

There are a couple of interesting things happening as I write this blog.

First, Apple is surprising us all in how fast iPad has been in surpassing Mac in revenue $ and how fast Apple is attackig the retail market with Apple stores. Apple will be opening a new store every 50 hours up until the end of its fiscal year.

And don't forget about the fake Apple stores being opened in China!

We all thought Apple had hit the jackpot with iTunes and how it simply cracked the MP3 Kazaa music industry nightmare but this iPad-iPhone craze has even beat all of that.

In fact, what we see at Paperlit is that iPad and iPhone are proving to be an absolute fundamental part of a content owners distribution strategy and the danger is not whether you get it right the first time around but if you wait too long, somebody else might steal your market share.

And now there is the Android surge. At the end of 2010 there were a lot of reports on how Android had surpassed iOS which is more coherent than saying, Android surpassed IPhone and iPad.

Long story short, what we are finding out is that not only are the personal iOS devices surpassing Macs but these personnel devices are creating a new way for all of us to interact with media, people and things. It is not the PC in the living room any more that is changing media consumption but it is the tablet in every single living room and the smart phone in every single persons pocket/hands that is really changing media consumption and social interaction a whole lot faster than Google Analytics or Flurry can tell us.

The world economy is in a turmoil and there are a lot of scared managers and companies out there. From our perspective, however, there is an abundance of opportunity and whether you are in a tech-gadget crazy country like Italy or Japan, iPad/Android distribution needs to be on the top of your list.

So, for publishers around the globe, a simple message from all of us here at Paperlit: The world is your oyster!


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