29 Mar 2012 by Paperlit

Juventus: leaders on the field and leaders in the App store!


Dear Sports Fans,

I have some good news for you. If you are a soccer fan, there is a digital publishing platform out there that has made your teams and favorite players easier to read about and follow.

In fact, this season Paperli has enabled 3 of the biggest soccer teams in Europe:

Real Madrid, Manchester City and more recently Juventus.  I have to say the results are awesome!


Juventus, for example,  which is Italy's crown Jewel in the serie A, especially after one of the most spectacular redesigns of a European football stadium, (and an undefeated home record since the rebuild) has gone full force with digital.

Just after 2 weeks of their launch, the results are impressive. The official Juventus magazine on iPad and iPhone has reached the 5th position in bestellers in the Italian app newspaper and magazine market.

Juventus is offering their official magazine in Italian and English on all iOS and Android platforms.

So congratulations to Alex for his fantastic goal last Sunday against Inter and congratulations to Chiellini on his acting ability to promote the Juventus app, powered by Paperlit.

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