03 Nov 2011 by Paperlit

Let The Family Save Italy!


Italy's most historic and prestigious magazine for the family and Christian values has just announced its launch of a digital edition with Paperlit. The magazine was started in 1931 and has a present circulation of more than 1 million copies.


With this month's edition, the magazine is celebrating its 80 year birthday with a brilliant campaign focused on the family.



"The future of Italy is on the shoulders of the family, the only institution that is left standing"
The new campaign called, "where is the family", which supports and reminds Famiglia Cristiana readers of the everlasting faith we can have in the strength of the family, especially at a time when faith in institutions is hard to come by.


As of today the magazine is available asa hybrid app solution on iPad, iPhone and all Android devices with a special offer that includes Famiglia Cristiana, Il Giornalino, GBaby, Vivere and Jesus for a monthly subscription of euro 5,99 or yearly of euro 39,90. All magazines can be purchased as single copies as well.


We, at Paperlit, first of all, would like to thank Famiglia Cristiana for choosing us as it is an honor. Secondly, we would like to point out that Famiglia Cristiana's choice to celebrate its 80th birthday with the launch of a digital edition is something that not even we could have imagined two years ago.


Sure, if Wired had come to us with this request, that would have been par for the course. This is just one more indication of how main stream and fundamental digital publishing is for all publishers, even those with the family as their principal reader!



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