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Morning and Evening news: a new way to do it

When I was a kid, I remember my grandfather received 2 editions of the Paper, the morning and evening news. I am talking about the early 80s which meant, no cell phones, no internet and a very traditional consumption of news.


We are light years from there but as Newsstand is an exact digital replica of a very old tradition, the morning and evening news idea, works in the same way.


Let me explain with some examples:


Many content owners are coming to us saying, " we want to offer premium content side by side together with "less valuable" content consumers can find with a Google search.  The closer we can tie the "free content" to our premium content, the more success we will have."


As owners of daily papers or periodical magazines, our publishing partners are starting to experiment with a morning version and an evening version, where the morning version is a digital replica and the evening version is a collection of hmtl5 feeds organized for tablets.


And this is where it all gets very exciting. Our first 2 years of activity have shown us a clear path to serious revenue generation on multi-platform distribution of digital replicas via single purchase or subscription sales. We have not, however, seen as clearly the advertising opportunity and I believe, we are now at the beginning of this new opportunity as well.


I do not know if the evening news relied more on advertising in the physical world but I am sure that we will in the digital!


Please have a look at our partner La Repubblica, which has just released with us their new app with two very different looks, one for the morning and one for the evening.


Buona lettura!

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