16 Nov 2015 by Krista McLandress

Say hello to the new Paperlit!

Paperlit launch new product release

Welcome to a new Paperlit! Not only have we updated the look of our website and blog but we've given our back-end a complete makeover!

Our Product team has been hard at work improving the Paperlit platform to reduce barriers and empower publishers to create branded mobile apps, in-house with little technical support. By creating a full stack solution, Paperlit publishers can distribute their print content to a growing mobile audience, generate more revenue and measure their success, in one tool.

So what kind of changes can you expect from the new Paperlit?

  • We've made it easier for publishers to upload and transform their digital editions into interactive flipbooks that support the addition of multimedia files, like video and images, as well as internal and external linking. The result is more engaging digital replicas of your printed content, better integrated with your overall mobile strategy.
  • Publishers can now create and customize their mobile app using one of our pre-build templates for single or multiple publications, completely on their own. Distributing mobile-optimized magazines, guides & catalogues via a mobile app not only increases your readership but also opens up new revenues streams thanks to advertising and in-app purchase (IAP). The new Paperlit lets you create a branded app that meets your business needs - and we'll be adding more templates with added features, like web feeds and social media, soon!
  • An improved Plug-in section enables publishers to connect their apps to analytic platforms like Google Analytics and Flurry, and set up in-app advertising campaigns in just a few clicks. In the coming months, we will continue to add trusted third party analytics, marketing automation and monetization platforms to empower publishers to make data-driven decisions in their quest to capture and retain more mobile readers.

Paperlit platform interactive flipbook mobile app

We’re excited to have you check out the new platform and see how easy it is to transform, distribute and monetize your print content with a branded app. If you're already a Paperlit customer you can start trying out the new platform today. Not yet a Paperlit customer? We'd love to walk you through a personalized, one-on-one demo!

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Krista McLandress

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