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Every now and then, even if I feel young, I look in the mirror and see some gray hair and when I am at lunch with my colleagues, I realize, for our industry, I am on the older side of the fence.

Well, that should count at least for some wisdom:0) and here are my two cents regarding newsstand.

Newsstand, in my opinion, is historic and not to get melodramatic but the passing of Steve Jobs may be considered some day as the time when the founder of Apple, once again, was capable of completely changing consumer behavior globally and saving the publishing industry as he did for the music industry.


Yes, the success of newsstand is so big and so promising that I think we are talking about saving many publishers businesses. Wow!


 So, if the publishing industry, for one reason or the other, was on the fence about an iPad strategy, the huge increase the market is experiencing in distribution and sales, thanks to newsstand, should push each and every publisher over the fence.


Please read this article which backs up what we have already said about how big an innovation Newsstand is:


So, why is newsstand so revolutionary?


Here are some thoughts:


Early adopters have been getting their daily news and favorite magazine brands from their iPads and other mobile devices and slowly but surely, as always happens with technological innovations, the main stream takes longer and sometimes just does not go in the same direction as the early adopters.


The tablet, like the iPod, has become  a global must have/status symbol overnight  for all ages, once again thanks to a combined simple to use interface, super smart marketing and hardware solution. It has simply changed the way consumers interact with services they have been using for years and it has brought a whole new audience to the medium as one can see when you see your mother or father reading the daily paper on iPad or the owner of a coffee shop who is so happy with his new iPhone 4s and how, "Apple has  finally put all his favorite newspapers on the phone"....


In more support of all of this, comes a study, conducted by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism in collaboration with The Economist Group, pointed out to me by Luca DeBiase and his blog.


Long story short, 11% of  adult Americans own a tablet of some sort and 53% of them get their news from that device on a daily basis.  As pointed out in Luca's blog, thanks to the different way people use a tablet, publishers have an audience that is now reading longer and in more detail their news or favorite magazines over digital, creating more and a different kind of demand. iPads are more easy to use on the couch or when you are up and around in the house, they are easier to turn on and have definitely found a happy space in between the phone, computer, physical mediums and game consoles.


For publishers what is more important is that readers treat the iPad more like a physical paper in terms of attention and reading more in depth and this is what we at Paperlit have said for a long time; The iPad magically recreates a physical experience in the digital world and this is another revolutionary part of the iPad puzzle.


This is one reason why it makes sense to keep it simple and respect the digital replica. People on computers do not buy content in any similar proportion to the iPad (same story as music before itunes/iPod), they spend less time on the content and they are not as loyal to a brand or product,  relying more on search engines to find what they need to know!


Facebook is certainly a player that can change this pc platform issue but for now, the reality is, iPad/newsstand=iPod/itunes and publishers worldwide can read this story with much more confidence, comfort and clarity than what the music industry had to go through.
Jonathan Brownstein



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