05 May 2016 by Krista McLandress

5 reasons to add a news feed to your newsstand app

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Here at Paperlit, we've just launched Paperlit Live - a brand new feature that allows publishers to add a live news feed to their newsstand app. Now anyone that is distributing publications, like magazines, catalogues, sales collateral or marketing guides with a branded newsstand app can also share content from their website, blog or exclusive RSS feed.

Why should publishers include feeds in their newsstand app, you ask? In the past, many publishers have kept their digital edition app separate from their news app, drawing a line in the sand between editorial and digital subscription sales. However, creating a single, one-stop mobile experience that brings editorial, marketing and sales together, has it's advantages.

Here are 5 reasons you'll want to include a news feed in your branded newsstand app:

1. Boost app downloads, boost store ranking

Traditional newsstand apps on the stores serve to distribute and sell digital editions - and, as a results, attract only those people who want to read digital editions. Makes sense. However, by only appealing to subscribers, publishers are missing out on a huge audience that wants to connect with their brand, but isn't ready to convert into a paying customer. And that can translate into a big loss considering in most countries only 10% of online users are paying for news, according to the latest Digital News Report.

By including free to access content in your app you are meeting the demands of today's digital media consumer, and this translates into more downloads, which can have a positive impact on your store ranking. Not only that, but including content that isn't behind a paywall can increase ratings and positive reviews - a key factor in app store rankings. How many times do you see negative reviews on digital editions because there is no free access to content? Providing value upfront, you can win over more app users and reap the benefits.

2. Live and exclusive content increases app usage, loyalty

Publishers can struggle to increase usage of digital edition apps beyond their weekly or monthly publishing schedule - and that's where feeds can help increase usage. With live feeds, publishers can publish updates, news and exclusive content along side their digital magazine kiosk, creating a fully connected app for their readers.

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Feeds can also be created to deliver exclusive content that may not appear on your website or blog, giving readers a unique app experience that can promote higher user loyalty and increase retention rates. An engaged audience that spends more time in the app, sharing and interacting with content, is more appealing to advertisers and is key to meeting your revenue objectives.

3. Opportunity to nurture users into subscribers

When publishers share fresh content daily, hourly or on the minute, app visits increase and publishers are in-turn able to nurture engaged users towards sampling a digital edition and later on, paying for a subscription.

Publishers can promote subscriptions in the feed or at the end of posts, but publishers can also set up a variety of other marketing campaigns to target users at different usage stages. For example, users who are actively viewing feeds can be targeted with email or push notification campaign containing a coupon to sample a free digital issue of your publication. On the other hand, users who may have purchased a single issue can be targeted with the latest annual subscription promotions.

4. Increase viral growth

Growing an app user base can be difficult. The options are usually to attract organic growth through app store optimization or by using paid acquisition, ie. app install ads. However, a third option opens up to publishers who use feeds, and that's viral growth.

Viral growth is characterized as acquiring new users thanks to referral or word of mouth campaigns - a tactic often used by game apps to get a user's friends to download the app. Viral growth has been difficult for digital edition apps due to the fact that content lives behind a paywall and isn't easily shareable. However that changes with feeds.

App users are able to share that content out to friends via email, messaging or social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, who can then view that content on the mobile web or even via a deeplink preview in the app. The benefit comes when publishers use a smart banner that asks the visitor to install the app. By leveraging the actions of their most active users and closing the loop, publishers can grow their app user base for free!

5. News feed monetization

In-app purchases aren't the only way to draw a revenue from your app. Advertising in the form of display and native ads can also be a lucrative way to make  money with content feeds. Publishers can include advertisements or sponsored content in their feeds, or entire feeds can be sponsored by a single advertiser with custom created content. Publishers can also take advantage of the growing trend in mCommerce to create content that showcase products and services, with shopable referral links.

Are you ready to add live feeds to your digital edition app? If you're a Paperlit customer, ask your account manager how you can get started, and if not, sign up for a demo today!

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