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On-site vs. in-app magazines

On-site_vs._in-app_magazines.jpgDigital magazines bring many benefits for both publishers and readers alike. However, these benefits will depend on whether you choose an on-site magazine or one that’s distributed through an app.

Naturally, the different ways they are distributed bring different effects. Generally speaking, one method will be more advantageous for you than the other depending on what you want to achieve. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages brought by each.

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On-site digital magazines

1. Quicker access for new readers

If you have an on-site magazine, readers, particularly new ones, can easily access your e-magazine, since you’ll be embedding it in your website. They will be able to access it immediately, most likely one to two-page clicks. It also allows your magazine to be bookmarked on internet browsers or even pinned so your readers could come back again.

2. Fastest way to get readers

Since on-site magazines are mostly used for free-to-access magazines, they will likely get more first-time readers. If the website is your visitor magnet and the magazine is found on your site, then you’re likely to get a few more new readers.

Lots of things work for the magazine’s advantage if it’s embedded in your website. Particularly since the website is likely the most search engine optimized digital content that you have and has the most chance of being found online. Your magazine can certainly benefit from the influx of visitors that come through your website.

3. Bolster your website’s visits and time in page

Eventually, when your magazine has a loyal readership, then they will keep coming back to your website to access your digital magazine. This means the number of visits will snowball eventually and increase.

Another added benefit to your website is that the time spent by each visitor on your page will increase. The “time on page” indicator is actually one of the most prized key performance indicators for websites and digital marketers. It means that they are generating engaging content and people stay in their site to consume more articles.

4. Added value for your website

Today’s modern website has evolved from purely a group of web pages that talk about a company to an interactive assortment of digital content that’s aimed at enriching visitor experience. You have ebooks, podcasts, blogs, embedded videos, online tutorials and now you can even have a digital magazine embedded through a web reader.

A digital magazine adds a bit of flavour to your website. Digital magazine content is (or at least should be) higher quality and is released less often than blogs or news articles. Having a digital magazine is sort of a “change” in pace that will be appreciated and valued by readers.

In-app digital magazines

1. Manage multiple magazines in one platform

Having a newsstand app allows you to distribute multiple magazines in one place. As a publisher, it’s also easier to have only one place to distribute your digital magazine. From the app, you can also customize and build your brand image.

2. Encourage readership of other magazines

When you distribute a magazine in your own magazine app, and if you have more than one magazine that you publish regularly, you can encourage readership of the other. You can easily provide sample subscriptions that will let your reader see what your other magazines are like.

3. Best for subscriber-based readership

A newsstand app will be beneficial for publishers that run paid subscription programs as it’s easier for them to control access to the magazine. Having apps also allows you to apply analytics and see insights about subscriber behaviour.

4. Quicker access for subscribers

Just open the phone, swipe once or twice through the menu and click on the app. For subscribers, once they’ve subscribed and downloaded your app, your magazine is basically in their pocket, at all times. All they have to do is open the app, and they know that the latest issue is there.


Before you choose one method of distribution to another, you’ll need to understand what you want to achieve with your magazine. On-site and in-app magazines have their own advantages, as you’ve seen above, and one will be more appropriate for what you want to achieve.


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