03 Jun 2010 by Paperlit

Paperlit #1, #4, #5, #7 and #10 most downloaded iPad app + 3.1.2 updates


We released a number of new magazines and newspapers a few days ago and many of them are topping the list of most downloaded apps on the Italian AppStore for iPad. Paperlit powered are #1 Turisti per Caso, #4 MacMagazine, #5 La Repubblica+, #7 Novella 2000 and #10 Il Foglio. 

3.1.2: We discovered a number of crashing issues and posted updates for all our apps which should be available in the coming days as soon as Apple approves them. We are getting a lot of feedback from customers, some upset about the crash but most happy about the apps and the simple reading experience. We are working around the clock to move forward with the interactive features + the new iPhone app and will soon have updates for the iPhone reader as well.



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