25 Oct 2011 by Paperlit

Paperlit adds enhanced multi-media tool to the platform




We all know how difficult and time consuming it can be to encode, upload, create playlists, tag and deliver multi-media seamlessly to multiple mobile devices.


Well, it isn't difficult any more!

Paperlit publishing partners can now add videos or photos to their publications with an easy-to-use, drag and drop tool in the Paperlit backoffice.

You can then link the content directly  to a specific area on the PDF or create a multimedia feed/module for your Hybrid App.   

To convert a video, just drag and drop it to the area on the right. We accept over 40 different video formats and we process your file to run smoothly on iPhone, iPad, Android and the most popular web browsers. Your file will be automatically transcoded for optimal mobile delivery as an MPEG4/H.264 video stream.

No more video consultants or expensive audio-video paltforms needed!

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