03 May 2018 by Luca Filigheddu

Paperlit and Forbes: a successful partnership

Paperlit and Forbes

So far 2018 has been a year of great excitement for Paperlit as new adventures are braved and new challenges are conquered but our biggest adventure of the new year is about to be announced. Paperlit has embarked on a new partnership with the notorious media leader, Forbes

Both Paperlit and Forbes have been committed to being at the top of their respective fields and now at long last, it’s time to combine their prowess and create a successful partnership. Now, before we learn more about it, let’s take a moment to learn about who Forbes actually is.

Forbes: the leading business magazine of the world

Forbes is a global media, branding and technology company that is renowned throughout the world. They focus prominently on offering all of the latest news and information about business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and the most affluent of lifestyles.

Thanks to this content, Forbes has gained a reputation as one of the most, if not the most, famous business magazines in the world especially thanks to the more unique articles like the ‘Forbes Rich List’ and the ‘30 under 30 List’ that have become firm fan favourites. Now, if you thought that Forbes was an American-only tradition, you couldn’t be more wrong. Its reach spans the globe with thirty-eight different local editions of Forbes magazine available worldwide, and that is where Paperlit comes into play.

What did Paperlit do for Forbes?

With the launch of the Forbes’ newest local editions that are based in Italy and Brazil, Paperlit has been tasked with taking care of all things digital. We have created the digital magazines and app content for each edition. This is, of course, a great privilege for Paperlit as we have the opportunity to help Forbes, a company that is renowned internationally, to run and operate their digital publications.


Forbes Brasil


These apps and digital magazines are easily accessible online with the apps being available free of change on the App Store (Italy and Brazil) and Google Play (Italy and Brazil). They are definitely worth downloading.


Forbes Brasil

So, let’s talk more about the apps themselves. We have used HTML5 overlays in order to integrate additional content such as animations and data that just generally enriches the magazine. This adds a certain interactive element to the content that makes it even more appealing to users and offers the best experience possible to all readers. These interactive pieces can greatly improve the user interface, and after all, with a magazine at the level of Forbes, user-friendly aspects are almost a must!


Forbes Brasil
Forbes Brasil









Alongside the standard articles and content that are included in every issue of Forbes, these apps provide additional news channels for the readers. These channels include news in real time (given through Paperlit Live), a video channel and much more. These aspects are the extra touches that will make your life a little easier and enable you to have all of your prime needs in one place.


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