16 Apr 2013 by Paperlit

Paperlit brings .folio files to all platforms


As of today, Paperlit accepts .folio files for multi-platform publishing with the same ease of use as publishing from pdf or html 5.

For publishers this means that they can add to their digital repllica products, creating fun interactive versions in the same app and even combine PDF and .folio to allow for a "simple and fancy" style in the same publication.

As the market progresses and grows, we realize that different users want different products. Early adopters or expert tablet users want more interactive features, while other users ask for a more straightforward digital replica experience. The Paperlit pdf and or .folio solution lets a publishers keep it simple or make their product as fancy as they want.

The first example of such an app has been published together with Mela Music, an innovative educational publisher in Italy.

Paperlit and Mela Music have produced an app for iOS, Android and Windows 8 for interactvie learning of the math tables for children.

The products are available now at the following addresses and are the first examples of Paperlit's new product called Paperlit Interactive.

Tabelline for iOSAndroidWindows 8


In brief, Paperlit interactive lets publishers upload InDesign interactive files (.folio) directly to the Paperlit platform for multi-platform publishing.

Gionata Mettifogo, founder and chief developer explains in more detail, "last year a couple of our important publishing partners asked us for interactive features in the platform with the possibility of adding interactive pages to their pdfs or to create a complete interactive edition. We decided to simply accept .folio files directly from InDesign, no plug ins, no extra work. That is the Paperlit way, keep it simple and straightforward"

Michela Pajola, from Mela Music, had this to say about the new product, "Mela Music has always been on the cutting edge in terms of combining music and learning and when the Tablet hit the market we started to ask ourselves what was the best way to embrace this technology. The Paperlit solution lets us use the same publishing tools we are used to and simply export a .folio file to create our final product. This saves us a lot of time in terms of work flow and lets us create a new product with very little overhead in terms of cash and human resources.

With the addition of .folio as accepted files, this opens up a whole new world of interactive publishing. The example of Mela Music is perfect, where you have an educational publisher with text, images, video and music and  where they need an easy way to bring this content to the tablet devices.

With Paperlit interactive the publisher uploads his .folio files and publishes to iOS, Android and Windows 8 with one click of a mouse. How simple is that!


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