12 Mar 2012 by Paperlit

Paperlit in Wired!

A recent report from the Pew research institute on excellence in Journalism reveals that one of the big obstacles publishers are facing is the resistance to innovation.  In short, Pew talks about a scenario in which the Captain of the ship knows the ship is sinking and he even has the resources to stop the bleeding but he lacks the courage or culture....


Sounds like a familiar story from recent news....


Without passing judgement, let's say that we at Paperlit are digital guys and have grown in the world of innovation in the media space.


Innovation is a nice word. It sounds so easy. Create something new, believe in it and make it become a standard.


If we at Paperlit can be proud about something, it is our sincere effort to innovate and help publishers navigate in stormy seas.


This month Wired, Italy invited us to their offices in Milano, they dressed us up in very cool clothes and told our founder's story.


The article talks about Gionata and how from a very early age he had an innate desire to develop software and apply his work to the real world.


I will not ruin the story so please do have a read here on Wired's Social Reader, powered by Paperlit. And if you do not read Italian, you now have a good excuse to contact a long lost Italian language expert!


Don't worry, after 5 minutes, Wired, will ask you to pay 39 Facebook credits to continue reading but the story is so good, the more or less USD 6 to buy the issue will be worth it.


Or, if you are a Wired, Italy subscriber, you can have access for free to the publication and the complete archive via single sign on.


Last but not least, please write me if you want to know more about the Paperlit Social Reader:0)!


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