14 Nov 2012 by Paperlit

Paperlit launches a new product line: Paperlit Education.

Paperlit has joined forces with Microsoft, Intel and Giunti to present a new product for the classroom. The new product will be presented at the ABCD fair of Genova from November 14 to 16.  For the multi partner cooperation Paperlit  has developed some interactive and collaborative digital text books for the middle and elementary schools.



In light of the Italian legislation which demands a complete digitization of the classroom by 2013, Paperlit and its partners have introduced an important experiment where hundreds of Windows 8 tablets will be deployed in 6 classrooms to start the process of making classrooms digital.


Paperlit has added some special features to the platform in order to support a truly interactive experience for students. Scholastic publishers will be able to enhance the digital editions of their textbooks by adding such new features as:

  • drawing and annotating on top of the pdf to complete exercises and send to teachers
  • sending homework directly to the teacher
  • additional multimedia online content and exercises to enhance learning experience
  • collaboration between students on projects


The founder and chief developer of Paperlit, Gionata Mettifogo, had this to say about the project:

"This is a big and exciting new step for Paperlit. Up to now we have been helping newspaper and magazine publishers better manage the digital distribution challenge. With this new product which we are calling Paperlit Education, we are entering into a whole new world of enabling teachers, students and scholastic publishers. With such partners as Microsoft, Intel and Giunti, we are confident that we can live up to the challenge of improving the learning experience for our kids in the years to come”

For more information on the project, please write to sales@paperlit.com.

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