21 Mar 2014 by Paperlit

Paperlit strengthens distribution with new partnerships in the USA and Italy

Spring is here and Paperlit is welcoming the new season with a presence at the Digital Innovation Summit in Berlin on March 24 and 25th. We will be at DIS with our new product portfolio and to present our road map for the near future, which has a focus on smaller screen sizes.  At the DIS we will also be announcing two new commercial partners.

In the USA, Paperlit has signed a distribution agreement with one of the most respected fulfillment and circulation partners for magazines, called ProCirc while in Italy, we have come to a strategic agreement with M-Dis, Italy’s premier distribution partner for newspapers and magazines.

M-Dis is a historic partner in Italy for the outsourced management of circulation in an incredibly complex environment, where physical newsstands are the main distribution channel.

ProCirc, in the same way, manages fulfillment and circulation for over 250 consumer magazines, one of the key areas of success for a publisher.

Since 2009 Paperlit has been helping publishers figure out the best and most efficient ways to distribute and monetize on the mobile platforms.

The more the physical and digital work hand in hand, the more success we believe our publishers will have and the two partnerships we have recently signed are our commitment to making sure that bridge is in place.

Our partners are physically on the premises of publishers every day and the feedback they bring us will be essential in terms of our road map and making sure our product is as innovative and relevant as possible.

In addition, the trust they have with their clients for the strategic nature of their work is unparalleled.

Come and meet us at the Digital Innovation Summit on March 24th and 25th in Berlin to learn more about how you can work with Paperlit in your country!

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