19 Oct 2012 by Paperlit

Paperlit Teams up with the Irish Government


Today the Irish government launched an innovative campaign on Digital Media with Paperlit.

The government launched an Android app and the Paperlit Facebook Social Reader to better promote its Children's referendum.

The CEO and founder of Paperlit, Gionata Mettifogo, had this to say about the innovative strategy for the Children's referendum.


"Citizens all over the world are dramatically changing their habits in terms of how they get access to content. When the Irish Government contacted us we were pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic to see our technology used to reach and inform as many citizens as possible for such an important referendum. The Paperlit social reader was developed for easy sharing and commenting on content and the Irish Government has shown how forward thinking and innovative they are to use such technology for a referendum."


Paperlit would love to help more governments with such a cool and open way of reaching their citizens!

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