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Passion, Passion and more Passion

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I, like most Bostonians, am a sports Fanatic. And as an American, I am fascinated with the underdog, the team, for example, that spends 10 or even 50 times less than the big spenders and is able to win it all. (see Moneyball by Michael Lewis)

What makes the magic of a team to beat all odds?

In 2004 the Boston Red Sox, after having lost the first 3 games to the New York Yankees, our absolute arch rivals, and being 1 out from losing game 4, came back and beat the Yankees in one of the most historic and unbelievable come-backs in the history of sports.

And you know what, if you go back and watch it all, yes, it was truly unbelievable with 2 of the longest games in the history of baseball, back to back, but if you looked in all of the Red Sox Players' eyes, even with their last batter up, before losing one more World Series ring, you could see the passion and how they were all in the flow, a place where combined talent can take you anywhere you want to go.

At work, I have often had the fortune to find this place, where time, money and all other matters become secondary and where the only thing that counts is the moment.

It is something all coaches and entrepreneurs strive for; when people forget about how much they are making or simply when the last guy in the office turns out the lights, as if he-she were at home, you are there.


What does this have to do with apps and technology?

Last week all the Paperlitians got together at the house of one of the lucky guys that lives in Sardinia, (half of our staff is in Sardinia...)

where we had our company offsite.  It was there (see pics) on the beach, with a collection of techies from very different birth places and ages and a small number of sales guys, where I realized we are all having fun, pure simple fun. I am a bit slower than others:0).

So, just a friendly reminder from me to anybody who reads this, that having fun at work is a challenge but it is easier than you think and it needs to be a holistic thing. I mean, it can't come from the boss, who says, "hey everybody, let's all go play golf and have some fun".

Passion for what you do comes from being in the flow and being in the flow can start with a simple beer on the beach with a colleague you did not know or a combined effort to win a big client, which you thought was lost.


I live in Italy and these are hard times for the country, especially for the young people here. All the young talented people who are not expressing this talent become frustrated, lost and potentially never use that talent. A company, that is having fun, creating value and growing, gives our young talent a place to thrive. That is another good reason to have fun at work!

So, to you and the Boston Bruins, get in the flow and forget about all the rest! The Cup is within your reach:0)

PS: More info on the Flow:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXIeFJCqsPs



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