14 Mar 2018 by Luca Filigheddu

Publishers, get more traffic with social ads!

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Living in the digital age, it seems only right that we should take full advantage of everything that the Internet and social media have to offer. This is perhaps the reason more and more publishers are beginning to turn their attention to their brand and exploit the opportunities given by social advertising platforms.


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However, we are a generation that is always wanting more so, all you publishers out there, just read on to learn how to get more traffic via your social ads. Let’s talk about why these ads are important, their advantages and the very special service that could help you navigate this tricky online world.

Why is this advertising strategy so important?

In the wake of the announcement made at the beginning of this year that Facebook would be changing their news feed algorithm in order to prioritise content from ‘friends, family and groups’, it seems that publishers will have to work harder than ever to gain attention from their clientele on that platform. Ensuring that you have an advertising strategy that is adapted to you and suits your needs is vital to conquer the alterations to the Facebook algorithms.

What are the advantages of this advertising strategy?

When you run ads on social media or any platform online for that matter, you can expect to see a wide variety of advantages and benefits.

You can target your audience

The ability to target consumers and clients beyond their basic demographic information on social media is here and the ways to target consumers just keep expanding. We have moved on from the days when you could target a person on social media based on their gender, relationship status, age, education and employment. Now, we can get as in-depth as political views or even hobbies.

You can keep track of your performance

A good (and successful) social media strategy has an overarching goal above all else, and that is to engage. If a publisher constantly pushes out forceful ads, they will lose not only the attention of their consumer but the connection with them as well. The majority of the social media platforms make keeping their users happy with their experience a priority as is evident from Facebook’s decision to switch up their algorithm.

It gives you the opportunity to do some in-depth analytics

When you place a social ad, just like with any other type of digital ad, you will want to look back at the performance of previous ads and optimise your process in order to perform better. Within the social media platforms, you can easily access the relevant data that will help you to improve. You could even go as far to set up your own analytics platform to collect data!

It’s a low-cost solution

When it comes down to it, advertising through social media platforms is relatively inexpensive compared to many other offline platforms especially as you won’t need a model, voiceover artist or an actor to create these ads online so you can bid adieu to these extra expenses. It’s also good to remember that the majority of social media platforms are free to engage in!

It’s future proof

A huge benefit of creating an advertising strategy that is based online is that, unlike more traditional forms of advertising, social media is somewhat future proof as it is the future. More and more companies are turning to the web in order to reach the younger and tech-loving generations and ensure that they remain current and that they cement themselves before it becomes too much of a craze.

What service could guide you through the advertising strategies?

Now, if you are reading all of this and are feeling a little lost about what advertising strategies you should employ, well, have no fear, Paperlit is here to guide you.

Paperlit can help you to navigate the confusing world of social ads and get more traffic. It builds an entire advertising strategy that is based on your needs and objectives and helps you to tailor your advertising on social media platforms and app stores to best suit your requirements.

This service could not come at a better time for publishers who are struggling to beat the Facebook algorithm and who are not sure how to navigate the world of social advertising. So, prepare to get more traffic with your social ads.


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