28 Nov 2011 by Paperlit

Publishers on Facebook with Paperlit Social Reader branded app

As our publishing partners know, we have been committed from day 1 to help our partners monetize and distribute their content on as many platforms as possible in the most efficient way. When we said this 2 years ago, we were not thinking of Facebook. 


With more than 800 million users and with the completion of a micropayment system called Facebook Credits, this changed our roadmap and thinking.


Facebook never seizes to amaze us and for the publishing industry, the issue has been, how do we harness this world in some way that is beneficial to the readers and which generates revenue? In fact, how many times have you heard in a company meeting, yes, we need to do something more with our Facebook presence, but what?


Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to present you with an answer to the puzzle; The Paperlit Social Reader.
This new service allows our publishing partners to answer YES to the following questions:


  • Would you like to market your content inside Facebook on a personalized url such as apps.facebook.yourmagazine (with absolutely no extra work)?
  • Would you like to allow your readers from their iPhones, iPads, Android devices and from the Facebook app to "share, like, comment", using in this way all the Facebook features and having a true viral social marketing strategy?
  • Would you like to be able to offer advertising/sponsorship from your ad server around your content within a Facebook environment?
  • Would you like to allow to send new readers to your digital content and offer them free views for some minutes and then make them purchase your copy?
  • Would you like to sell your single copy on Facebook, charging even few cents, thanks to a very user-friendly micropayment system?


From the initial response of our trusted partners, the answer is YES and we want to do more in the future.


Today we are doing a worldwide launch of the service with The Phoenix Media Group in the USA, Turkey's Daily Sabah, Internazionale and Sprea Editori in Italy (starting today with The Games Machine).
More Facebook apps will be release in the next days.



The Paperlit Social Reader offers a complete and seamless integration with Facebook: the publisher’s app is inserted automatically (from the Paperlit back office) into the social network. 
         The publisher’s payment systems are integrated with those of Facebook. The profiling of these systems is integrated with user profiles, and, moreover, online advertising systems 
         chosen by the publishers can also be integrated into the Paperlit Social Reader.
And Sometimes it helps when one of our partners talk about our products rather than us. Carly Carioli, the editor in chief of Phoenix Media had this to say about Paperlit Social Reader.
      “A large part of our readers are students and alternative groups.
When Paperlit showed us their  Social Reader and the ease of setting it up, we were immediately sold on the concept. 
The Paperlit Social Reader is easy to use for the consumer, easy to set up for us and is a great way to make our content available and to create additional revenue streams on the most important sociial network in the world.”

  Please also have a look at the first article that was published on today's The Next Web   .com by Nancy Messieh.


             Please do contact us if you would like to discuss in more detail.

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