16 Jun 2016 by Krista McLandress

5 ways publishers can take advantage of summer marketing trends

summer app marketing trends publishersWhen the temperatures rise, many of us take time out to relax as a way to reward ourselves for all the hard work we've put in over the year and that often involves catching up on news and entertainment via our mobile devices. Summer is a great time for publishers to reach out to consumers and forge relationships by leveraging some of the season's key marketing trends.

If you have a digital edition mobile app, here are 5 ways you can increase usage, retention and revenues all summer long:

1. Publish exclusive content via a live feed

Give app users more reason to visit your app on those hot summer days by including a live content feed. Feeds can stream content from your website or blog, or you can set it up to deliver exclusive content, like behind the scenes features or commentary from the editor. Tap into topics that are both timely and relevant so that they will resonate with users who are on the go and in vacation mode! For example, if you have a sailing magazine, you might want to publish a post on water safety tips, or if you publish a woman's fashion magazine, post a list of the hottest celeb beach trends. Publishers can also extend opportunities to advertisers to produce sponsored stories (native advertising) - a great way to strengthen relationships with advertisers over the summer and provide readers with engaging content.

2. Stay in touch with push notifications

Chances are your readers are enjoying time away from work and their daily routine, but that doesn't mean you can't stay in touch. Some of the most successful brands are those that provide value to consumers every day, and that includes while they are on vacation. Send app users push notifications to let them know about the latest issue or breaking news and bring them back into your app. Stuck for ideas? Check out our past blog post on 5 push notification campaigns every app should have for inspiration!

3. Offer a special discount or promotion

Summertime is synonymous with sales, so why not offer readers a seasonal coupon to try out your digital edition? There are so many creative ways publishers can provide people with a code to sample a single issue. For example, sponsor events like concerts or festivals that attracts your target market, or partner with advertisers for in-store tie-ins to promote your digital edition. You can also use this time to offer discounts on subscriptions to high intent consumers, either through ads in your print magazine, direct mail, email or social media marketing.

4. Refresh your digital marketing

Give your online advertising campaigns a fresh summer makeover. Well targeted advertising can help you introduce your content to strangers or remind active readers of the benefits of your magazine - it all depends on how you segment your campaigns. If you are using social networks like Facebook or Instagram to promote content and subscriptions, update your creative to reflect summer themes or topics that are important to your target audience. For example, a travel magazine might want to take advantage of their summer vacation editorial content to drive traffic to their website, subscription page or directly to the app stores.

5. Leverage eCommerce to increase revenues

One of hottest new trends in publishing is to leverage eCommerce as a way to boost revenue, and summer can be a great time to experiment with the trend before the back-to-school and holiday season get underway. Consumers are using mobile more and more to shop, so why not include shoppable links to products in your magazine or feed. Shoppable links are simply links to a mobile-optimized commerce sites, and can be added to your content to give readers added value or to generate revenue as part of an affiliate program.

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