07 Sep 2011 by Paperlit

RCS Periodici increases its reach


RCS Periodici has taken advantage of the announcement from Apple last February of the introduction of subscriptions in the Apple store. As of February 15, as Apple announced, publishers can sell both single issues and subscriptions. RCS has added subscriptions to all the titles they are publishing with us and has increased their reach by adding Android as well.

Android has earned approximately 50% of the mobile operating system market and with the addition of Google Checkout, has become a must do platform for publishers interested in reaching a huge portion of the mobile/tablet market.

At present, RCS periodici is publishing the following titles on the Paperlit platform:

Novella 2000, Visto, Novella 2000 per iPad, Visto per iPad, Casamica, Abitare, Il Mondo, OK Salute, Oggi, Case da Abitare, Astra, Dove Pocket, Oggi Cucino, Style.


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