02 Aug 2011 by Paperlit

Shalom chooses Paperlit

Shalom, Italy's most prestigious monthly magazine of Jewish culture and news, has launched with Paperlit a digital offering of the magazine. The digital offering will include iPhone, iPad, Android and a web offering of a digital replica of the magazine with multimedia enhancements.

Shalom covers different areas of Jewish culture and religion such as news from the Middle East, views and opinions of the Jewish religion, the discovery (and more often than not, rediscovery) of the Jewish communities present in Italy or abroad as well as art, literature, music, film and entertainment.

"We want to become," explained, Riccardo Pacifici, the president of the Jewish community of Rome," a reference point both for the world of information and the general public, offering analysis and original and unusual stories that spread culture thought and opinions of the Italian Jewish world."

The Italian Jews and in particular the Roman community, the oldest and most historic Jewish presence in Italy, want to make their contribution to the cultural debate of the country, expressing a sensibility, attention and ideological watchguard against any form of Nazism, xenofobia or antisemitic, anti-zionist movements. Shalom is an instrument we use to strengthen the voice of the Jewish Italian community."

"Behind Shalom", Giacomo Kahn, director of Shalom, reminded," there is a small and very strong group of journalists but there is also the help and participation of many opinion leaders, intellectuals and Italian writers, Jewish and not, who over the years, have recognized the Jewish intellectual contribution, an element of wealth for our culture.

"You can conserve a culture and be innovative at the same time", Jonathan Brownstein, commercial director of Paperlit, commented.  "When the leaders of the Jewish comunity of Rome contacted us and expressed their desire to embrace new technology to better distribute Shalom, we were pleasantly surprised. The strong desire to innovate expressed by the managers of Shalom is a sign of forward thinking and vitality, values that bring our worlds even closer together. Mazel Tov to Shalom and happy reading to the Jewish community (and not) that now have a new way to read, communicate and be informed."



Thanks to the new applications, readers of Shalom will be able to discover the wealth of the Jewish culture and tradition, listening, for example, to a lesson of the Talmud, taking a virtual visit of the synagogue and other Jewish points of interest in Italy or by celebrating a Pesach dinner (Sedar) or preparation of a typical Jewish Roman or Sephardic kosher recipe.

"We strive for a simple goal," reminded the president Pacifici, "a comment from the first editorial of the first edition of Shalom (November 1967), which, even after so many years, is still current, he who chooses Shalom, we wish a happy and fun reading."

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