18 Mar 2011 by Paperlit

Sole 24 Ore Creates digital kiosk with Paperlit

Sole 24 Ore increases its digital offer with the new business manuals, Le Guide di Norme.  With Paperlit, Sole 24 has created an APP where they will publish their most popular business manual inserts, "le guide pratiche di Lunedi'"


Within the App, readers can find different subjects divided into categories, such as taxation, Fiscal legislation, Retirement plans, Health insurance, Savings, Loans, Investments, etc..


This APP is a nice example of how a complete digital kiosk can be created, where publishers can carry out a digital marketing strategy for both archive and new editions. All publications can be collected in one place with features such as search for key words or organization of titles per subject, making it easier to find what consumers are looking for.


We believe a simple digital kiosk solution of this type is a blessing for content owners who have a ton of premium content but once the shelf-life has expired, this content gets dusty in the basement.


As iTunes was a blessing for the music industry, especially for the long-tail, with the Sole 24 Ore digital kiosk, we have a good example of how this works in the publishing industry.


Congrats to Sole 24 for the vision to go down this road.


So, Publishing partners, with all that info just an App-away, what are you waiting for????


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