27 Jul 2010 by Paperlit

Sprea brings the animal world on the iPad

New launch by Sprea on the iPad: 4 new magazines available, all about animals

Argos- a leading European pet magazine - will keep you up-to-date on all the latest news regarding your furry friends. Current issues are addressed from the point of view of the animals and their caregivers.

Il Mio Cane is a monthly magazine for those seeking the ideal dog. Each month around ten breeds are put under the microscope and analyzed by a team of experts; vets, trainers, ethnologists, groomers, breeders, and dieticians provide detailed information about the breed, as well as, useful advice for resolving pet care problems - big or small.

I Nostri Amici Cavalli, the italian magazine totally dedicated to the equestrian world, is now available on your iPad. The only "social magazine" for passionate people where you can flick through the pages easily thanks to a simple touch-screen, the monthly orientated towards whom loves horses, through clear and direct information but doesn't neglect dreams, full of practical advices, ethology, breeds, journeys, both english and western style, tradition, art, a do-it-yourself guide and veterinary science.

I Nostri Amici Animali is a monthly magazine for young animal lovers. Each issue is jam-packed with outstanding photographs and in-depth information about domestic pets like dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits and also many of the other not-so-domestic animals that share our planet with us. Discover their secrets, habits and history to love and respect them even more.



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